How to write a better or great E-mail subject

Tips fo better e-mail subjects. The question is 'To open or not to open'.

One of the most important parts of a successful campaign is an appealing subject line. It makes the difference between to open or not to open. A great subject line directly grasps your contacts attention.
Below you will find some practical tips for a better e-mail subject. The email subject is your entrance ticket to the attention of your contacts. If it's not appealing or even annoying you have no chance.

Almost 50% of the people open an email because the subject is relevant and appealing to them, so every good effort get rewarded with higher 'open email' scores.

  1. Use more than 3 words will increase the open email rates. 
  2. But too many words, more than 20, will kill this effect.
  3. Words like Free, New, Video will increase your score.
  4. Use ':' to emphasise your subject. Example 'Today special offer: 50% discount'. 
  5. Lists will do the trick. 'The seven best tips for emailmarketing'. 'Ten ways for a succesful sales campaign'. 'Everything you always wanted to know about online marketing'.
  6. Do not repeat your email subject direct as title in your body text.
  7. Avoid the word 'Newsletter', it will have a negative impact on your scoring rates.
  8. A subject line as statement for a news fact. Google and Amazon Define the Future of Marketing.