Sales Campaign Examples

Just to help you out in your sales strategy we provide some examples for your sales campaigns.

  • Winback campaign, get your former customers back on board
  • Loyalty campaign, express your appreciation for the customers trust in your product, subscription or service by a special personal and relevant offer. Its about rewarding the relationship.
  • Retention campaign, this type of campaign is to retain the customer by a nice price offering.
  • Prolongation campaign, before expiring your customer's product guaranty, service or subscription send a new compelling offer.
  • Cross sell campaign, tell your customers about your other products, services or plans.
  • New arrival campaign, keep your existing customers up-to-date so they can be the first to gain advantage of the new arrival of your products or services.
  • Sale campaign, start this type of campaign so your customers will be able to profit from the special prices during this campaign.
  • Preordering campaign, for your special customers only so they will be able to react before it gets out in the open.
  • Up sell campaign, its time for your regular order, but now with an offer to buy more from the same service or product. Obviously wit a relevant discount.
  • Season campaign, grap the moment make a sales offer related to the upcoming or past or current season.
  • Special event campaign, surprise your customers with a campaign for a special occasion. Like Mothers day, Eastern, Valentine's day.
  • News campaign, you can use this kind of campaign related to an occasion in the news.