How to do a Follow up campaign

Sending a follow-up campaign.

Unfortunately, after a beautiful campaign, not everybody will close a deal with your sales proposition. But it will tell you interesting information, the information you can use in a next campaign or in a follow-up campaign.

- Is the email personal enough so the customers will feel special?
- Was it relevant enough to land on the landing page?
- Does the email look recognizable enough that the customer will open the email?

In the statistics, you can select directly your follow up audience.

Screenshot 2019-03-31 at 11.15.41.png

Select the satus

You have to select the audience your follow-up will focus on. There are 5 different kinds of statuses:

- Form submitted.
- Agreed but not submitted.
- Form not submitted.
- E-mail opened but not clicked.
- E-mail not opened

Screenshot 2019-03-31 at 11.16.12.png

Unlike many other campaign tools, where you need to make a super annoying and complicated automation schema to create a follow-up, making a follow-up with SlashLead is very easy. With SlashLead you just select the status of the follow-up audience. We will provide you with the concerning customers in a CSV file. You can use this CSV for your follow up campaign.

Start your follow up campaign by creating a new campaign and follow the campaign flow.

And remember "Make it personal, stay Relevant and be Recognisable"