Build your campaign without any IT

We at SlashLead made it extremely easy for you to build your own sales campaign … in only a few minutes.

It starts with a relevant Sales or Marketing campaign. You only have to;

  • Think how to add value to your customer, so what kind of campaign you are going to create
  • Write campaign text  
  • Add one or more images 
  • Select your contact list

SlashLead will do the rest. Follow our easy-to-use tool and within a few minutes your campaign is ready to send out.

The result wil be:

  • An Email to get the attention and create a relevant message
  • A Landing page for the salescampaign
  • A Sales form, already pre-filled with the needed information from your contact list
  • A personalised Thank You page, with Socio Media buttons for sharing
  • An Order confirmation email
  • Statistics and Results

And always remember "Make it personal, stay Relevant and be Recognisable"